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The 21 Day Dinner Cycle #21daydinnercycle

September 11, 2019


Over the course of the next 4 weeks I’m challenging myself to feeding my family quick healthy (ok almost healthy) tasty evening meals. All of which need to be different. The family will rate them out of 10 and provide feedback.  

The winning 21 meals will become part of the 21 day dinner cycle. Ideally rotated every 3 weeks. All meals have to be quick or at least slow cooker worthy.  With a crazy hectic routine ’m not expecting it to go exactly to plan but I’m going to try.


Unless we have genuine super-powers (i think some people do!) or lots and lots of domestic help (count your blessings if you do) I think we all find it a challenge to know what to have on the table or even remember to put something on the table! We ALL want to eat right, we want our kids to eat right but we also want it made quick! Those of us with kids understand the picky eating, the sensory issues (dare any two foods touch each other on the plate) and the impossibility of some of them to simply even try certain foods!  

Well, forget take outs and take aways for now. Forget meal deliveries (too much packaging and waste). And let’s do this and lets try to get our kids involved in the whole process. 


Yesterday my 8th grader made an omelette at school in a cooking lesson. He was blown away that many of the kids did not know how to make this. Whilst he’s not exactly a whizz in the kitchen he has to date made lots he can be proud of.  Deep pan giant chocolate cookies, buttermilk pancakes, more chocolate chip cookies (theres a theme developing here), smashed avocado on toast…and a cheese omelette!  Oh and participated in many of the cooking classes i have run for kids.  He is not a keen cook particularly but he can navigate it when he wants.    Its important to me to raise boys who are cooks.  


Fortunately for me, its the middle child who loves to create!


Join me on this journey to encourage our kids to be competent and confident in the kitchen. And let’s put those gorgeous cook books we own and fancy ovens to use! 


I have a blog section of my website that I never use and don’t get round to writing anything in so today that all changes and I’m going to spend 10 mins attempting to blog about this. Wish me luck!!

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