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A day of remembrance, appreciation, tight hugs and (not so much) home cooking. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (almost vegan)

September 12, 2019


9/11.  Hardly the day I anticipated starting this little challenge...but then i only decided to do this 2 days ago. Actually starting a home cooking challenge on 9/11 felt right. Cooking at home for family and friends to me is all about nurturing and simply put, nurturing was the right thing to do today.


Except that soccer practice 530-7pm happened, new sneakers needed to be bought (his toe had literally popped out the end) and the husband had gone to Nashville.  


Having not been to my beloved Trader Joes in at least a 3 days the fridge was rather bare early this morning but i did spot a lonesome pack of extra firm TOFU.... the kind that only comes out when your husband is away....and tofu can only mean one thing to the kids in our house.... Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls....Before i did anything I quickly drained it, covered in paper towels to absorb extra moisture, sliced and marinated it in a combo of TJs Soyaki (already in fridge) and a big squeeze of fresh ginger in a tube (come on, its so convenient) and left covered in the fridge all day.  


The other parts were left until it was almost time to eat... rice noodles, grated carrot, sliced red peppers, spring onions (green/scallions), avocado, black sesame seeds, a left over chicken drumstick...and low and behold basil and mint from the garden no less.  The boys did their bit to slice, plate and plonk all the parts on the table... and the kettle was boiled a few times (soak the noodles and soak the rice paper rolls). We cooked the tofu and bam...suddenly we are making our dinner together.  For those unfamiliar with the process, we soak the rice paper in warm water for approx 10 seconds, let all excess water drip off then place on a plate... fill the middle with sesame seeds and any combination of the toppings... then wrap up just like a burrito except this version is sticky... and delicious.. A peanut soy dip completes it all.


I love this simple fresh tasty filling creation due to the sheer combination of what you can create...and how casual the format is... You can put any number of ingredients on the table and let everyone make their own perfect version.  It allows for chit chat, interaction and fun.  You can make the sum of parts look very special with lovely dishes if you have time but it was just the four of us tonight and we were too hungry to care!


Kid Score 10/10 (not a bad start!)



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