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Virtual Birthday Parties Save the Day During Lockdown!

Will life ever be the same again? It was definitely a shock to the system as the pandemic took hold, people close to us suddenly got sick and many died. I lost my own aunt and many friends lost family members before we really could grasp what on earth was happening. So many focused on the negatives of a global pandemic with people celebrating birthdays without anywhere to go and without the usual celebrations in the way we have been accustomed to living....but like many of us I chose to focus on the positives and instead of dwelling on what we can't do, I have always preferred to concentrate on "what we can do" and "how we can do it well". The first few weeks of the lockdown had us focused on transitioning to a virtual platform and learning not just how to use Zoom, but also getting to grips with the etiquette of Zoom! It was definitely a learning curve for the majority of us. Whilst I am excited to get back to see people in person I have found that I have taken many positives of the virtual world and fully plan to continue using it going forward.

For many, virtual parties have become de-rigour and there is not much we can't do from the comfort of our own home whilst still enjoying seeing our friends and enjoying time spent together. Baking parties have taken center stage here at The Big Tasty Club and we have absolutely loved baking with so many kids, teens and parents on our virtual platform. Cousins and friends from different states have been able to join in and I have also been fortunate to host events for audiences overseas without anyone realizing I am many thousands of miles away!

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