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At The Big Tasty Club, we are committed to guiding and inspiring children, teens and grown ups too, to develop a love for food, to create meaningful connections and to build confidence in the kitchen. With a combination of teamwork, kitchen safety/hygiene skills, quality ingredients and a huge amount of fun thrown in, we aim to give kids and teens lifelong skills and a passion for making great tasting food. Watch their confidence soar!  


Our virtual and in-person cooking and baking programs are for kids, tweens, teens and grown ups too.

We offer after school cooking and baking classes both in person and virtual,  birthday parties, private cooking and baking classes,  day camps, collaborations, corporate team building and all manner of custom food related private events.  We also make amazing face scrubs and home made beauty from every day kitchen ingredients.  Classes and events are perfect experiences to give as a gift, for a team activity, a college reunion, or for a family get together.  There is always reason to cook, bake and get together to eat fabulous food!


Fun, unique, personalized and fully catered birthday parties for children 7 years and up. Virtual parties and In-person parties!   For more info and ideas, download our party pdf and get in touch to discuss dates, times, costs and requirements!  Every party is unique and each and every event is totally customizable!


We cook! and we bake!  And we even offer confectionary classes too! Only with the finest fresh ingredients.  We love to cook and bake and chat whilst we're at it! 

Cooking and Baking from scratch is good for the mind body and soul and we know how to do it well.   Join us for a relaxed down to earth fun approach to cooking and baking!  Currently we offer after school cooking and baking classes on a private group basis.  Get a group together and come join us!


We have a range of in-person summer camps offering swimming and baking throughout the holidays - our camps are completely unique and so much fun.  We also offer half day cooking and baking camps throughout the year for kids ages 8+.  We also offer private in person camps so if you have a day off from school and have a group of friends who would like to get together to cook or bake - this is a perfect option.  Our virtual camps and classes are for all ages but we do recommend 8+!  .


Teams that cook together stay together!  Challenging or easy, Creative or comforting... Liive online cooking classes create energizing and unforgettable team building activities, conference activities, holiday parties, in addition to appreciation gifts. Our cooking experiences are always fully customized to suit the individual client and participants.  As a corporate event specialist being able to run a culinary corporate event brings together my two passions - food and events!.



Hi!  I'm Dani - a British born corporate event planner, a catalyst for community, Cordon Bleu trained and mom to 3 fabulous boys who are confident and competent in the kitchen.  I am passionate about people, creating meaningful connections  and cooking great healthy food from the freshest ingredients. Entertaining is my big LOVE! I love how food plays such an important role bringing people together.  My background in event management means I LOVE organizing events and I absolutely adore educating and inspiring kids and teens to cook, bake and explore the world through great food.   I do encourage great motor planning skills, the use of all their senses, respect for the environment, how to avoid food waste and most importantly becoming independent and confident in the kitchen no matter how picky an eater you are!  Positive peer pressure, a mix of ages, team work and a great deal of fun in a non judgmental environment makes for a really positive experience.  You'll be surprised how the pickiness disappears once cooking skills and meaningful connections between peers are built.


The Big Tasty Club offers classes and day camps,  private in person classes and private camps, Girl Scouts Cooking Badges and a variety of foodie events both for kids, adults and corporate. We run day camps when school is closed and we will organize an event for your specific school or business.  We also offer swimming during our summer camps! Everything we do is customizable and we work with you to create a perfect class, camp or event! 


Dani's classes are my daughters absolutely favorite after school activity.  Dani is passionate about cooking and has a great deal of patience working with kids.  Her virtual classes have been so awesome for our whole family during lockdown.  We look forward to our weekly dinner cooking together over zoom.  We are now eating healthy delicious meals we would never dreamed of cooking before.

Mrs J - Mom - Interior Designer

Dani Shaw shares her love of cooking with her students.  When the pandemic hit, she provided free virtual cooking classes.  It was a great way to come together over zoom and make a delicious meal or treat.  Recently my daughter has been joining Dani weekly for her virtual dinner classes.  My daughter has made stir fry, deconstructed sushi bowls and chicken schnitzel.  These meals have never been cooked in our house.  Thanks to Dani, my daughter is also whipping up apple crumble and white chocolate cranberry cookies.  Without a doubt Dani's cooking classes have been life changing for our family.  We LOVE The Big Tasty Club!

Mrs W - Mom - Lawyer


To find out more information about cooking and baking with us,  or for help

organizing a corporate event please get in touch

Dani Shaw


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