At The Big Tasty Club, we are committed to guiding and inspiring children to develop a love for food and for cooking and baking. With a combination of teamwork, kitchen safety/hygiene skills, quality ingredients and a huge amount of fun thrown in, we aim to give kids lifelong skills and a passion for making great tasting food. Watch their confidence soar!



Our cooking and baking programs are for kids, tweens, teens and grown ups too. We offer after school classes, day camps, birthday parties, pop up classes and all kinds of food related private events.  Perfect to give as a gift, for a reunion activity or for a family get together.  There is always reason to cook, bake and eat great food!



Fun, unique, personalized and fully catered birthday parties for children 7 years and up. Virtual parties and In-person parties when we are able!   For more info and ideas, download our party pdf and get in touch to discuss dates, times, costs and requirements!  Everything is totally customizable!


Oh we cook! and we bake!  And we even offer confectionary classes too! Only with the finest fresh ingredients.  We love to cook and bake and talk whilst we're at it! We may be shy at first but everyone is best friends at the end of each class. Cooking is good for the soul and we know how to do it well.   Join us for a relaxed down to earth fun approach to cooking and baking!


We have a range of in-person cooking and baking day camps available for the summer and throughout the year for kids ages 8+.  Our virtual camps are for all ages !  We also love collaborating with other chefs and cake designers to offer super fun and unique pop up camps!



Hi!  I'm Dani - a British born corporate event planner, Cordon Bleu cook and mom to 3 amazing boys. I am passionate about cooking great healthy food from the freshest ingredients and I absolutely adore educating and inspiring kids and teens to explore the world through food. I do encourage great motor planning skills, the use of all their senses, a love for the environment and most importantly becoming independent and confident in the kitchen.

The Big Tasty Club currently offers a range of on line programs, virtual camps, classes, birthday parties and girl scout cooking sessions.  We look forward to cooking again in person soon!!


To find out more information about cooking and baking with us, please get in touch...

Dani Shaw


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